Monday, September 15, 2008


EFX is up...for now..don't bet on it lasting
go save what you can if you care to

I'm going to go nap now

I is a ill woman :(

Saturday, July 19, 2008

more geekery

I have been busy making more geek jewelery, people on here seemed to like what I made before, tho I am still waiting to hear back from Miss Twisty if she got hers or not, Oh Twisty...did Joo get my package yet?
Anyway, I also was wearing a set of Cat5 stuff when I went into a local pc store and the owner expressed interest, after talking a bit he said to bring some by, even if they don't sell it in the store his wife would like some(she wasn't even there but he knows her well it seems) so I promised to make a selection and bring some by the next time I was in town.
BTW if any of you want some just let me know, send me some cash and a addy and I'll be happy to send some out to ya,I don't want much for my stuff, the supplies are ridiculously cheap, and I've got nothing but time with Styles in the desert.
Blue Capacitor and black hearty thing on silver chain

More teeny blue resistor earings

Red LED's on silver twisted chain

Green LED and Green Capacitor on gold chain

Dark PurplyBlue Capacitors, cross wing thing, silver shain

Navy Blue Capacitors, tan resistors, silver chain

Black Capacitors, silver bally chain

Black Capacitors, red "Rock" dangle, black cord

I also made two more Cat5 bracelet/choker sets, one with big blue capacitors, one with small orange capacitors. Now I'm out of some much needed supplys, so I better show these off to Raptor PCS, see if they want to buy some, and then get more supplys and get busy(er).


Well EfX is back, but for how long?
I'll never leave the place, the community over there is like no other, but it's not stable and I can't trust it to be around forever, not unless Keith steps back into the picture, or hands control over to folks with the desire and the time to run the place, I know several people who are willing and able to step up to the plate and make EFX a great blogging site again.
So for now, I'll post at EFX, and I know most of my comments will be generated there, but I'll also back up post here(vox/blogger) if once bitten is twice shy I must be 10 times shy by now...

Friday, July 18, 2008


OMG!! why was I not told about this!!!
Dr Horrible
a superhero musical
written by Joss Whedon!
Staring Neil Patrick Haris?
and Captain Mal
and that girl from "The Guild"

go watch it, seriously go watch it before it's gone from the web and you have to buy it..right buy it ;)

oh poo

I went for a long trail ride this AM with Hannah and 5 other barn members, it was great!
But while we were saddling up I got bitten on the arm by my friends horse, I know he's nasty at times and I shouldn't have been so close to his face while he was being saddled, but also his owner knows his grouchy habits and she should have been paying better attention, now my upper arm is red and sore and looks quite buff.

We were supposed to get our hay shipment today, but 5Pm has come and gone and there is no hay to be seen in the barnyard, so instead of putting up hay tonight(in the cool of evening) we will be doing it tomorrow after 1PM sometime...bleh, too hot for me, but I'll have to make due.

Now I feel that some relaxation, a movie and perhaps a nice drink are in order.